Common Home Sleep Testing Questions

What is a home sleep test (HST)?
A home sleep test is a modified sleep study that is performed in your home with a portable monitor. HST is used only to look for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

What is the difference between an In Lab Sleep Test and Home Sleep Test?
An in lab sleep study is a more comprehensive test that can be used to diagnose a full spectrum of sleep disorders where you will be actively monitored throughout the night. A home sleep test is self-performed in your home. The HST unit can only be used to screen for a diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

What happens when I go to the sleep center to pick up the monitor?
You will pick up your portable unit at the scheduled location. You will meet with a technician who will explain the process and show you how to set up the device.

How difficult is it to set up the equipment at home?
It is a lightweight easy to use unit, and simple instructions will be included.

How do I get ready for the study?
After you change into your sleepwear, set up the portable monitor according to the instructions.

Will I be able to sleep with the monitor attached to me?
You may find it a bit different at first, but most people do not find it uncomfortable and get used to it quickly.

How many hours do I need to sleep with the monitor?
You will need to sleep with the monitor at least 6 hours each night.

How many nights of testing will there be?
Your insurance may require multiple consecutive nights of use.

How do I return the equipment?
The morning after your home sleep test the monitor should either be dropped off at the location you received it, or returned in the provided prepaid package.

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