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The Sleep Center of Greater Pittsburgh is a physician-owned facility that provides patients with diagnostic sleep studies, including a comprehensive clinical evaluation, and individual treatment plans.

We are also a Community Sleep Awareness Partner with the National Sleep Foundation.

Facilities and Staff

We offer several locations in the greater Pittsburgh community. All locations are appointed with industry-current equipment and decorated with stylish furnishings that make you feel at home. We coordinate and supervise all programs while tracking treatments, and we manage each patient on an individual basis.

The staff consists of board-certified sleep physicians, pulmonary/critical care specialists, registered polysomnographers, sleep technicians, and various auxiliary personnel. Click here to learn more about Our Professionals.


Appointments are made through our Central Scheduling Office Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:30pm by calling 724-274-8484.

What We Do

We evaluate people for possible sleep disorders and perform appropriate testing to produce a diagnosis. We perform overnight sleep studies (polysomnographs) and related procedures on patients with suspected sleep disorders. The overnight procedures include polysomnograms and nasal CPAP polysomnogram titrations. Additional procedures include Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT), Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing (MWT), and overnight oximetry. Our staff is also able to perform mask fittings and re-fittings for CPAP users and machine pressure verifications.

What to Expect During a Sleep Study

Monitoring your sleep during an overnight sleep study is the most effective and accurate way to diagnose sleep apnea. The procedure is convenient, painless, and is covered by most insurance plans.

During a sleep study, you spend a night in a private room in one of our sleep centers. While you sleep, electronic devices supply information on brain waves, eye movement, heartbeat, breathing, oxygen level, respiratory effort, and muscle activity. In addition, a technician monitors your body movements as well as snoring, talking, or other noises you make while you’re asleep to observe you and your sleep pattern.

Our staff of highly skilled sleep technicians and board certified sleep physicians evaluates the data, and the team develops a treatment plan that is sent to your referring physician.

You will experience a professional staff working in industry-current facilities. On your first visit, you will become familiar with the center and complete a brief assessment and questionnaire. After you dress for bed, the technician will attach the various monitoring devices. This process takes approximately 45-60 minutes. The process is painless and the monitors are easily removed in the morning. Patients typically leave the center by 7:00am.

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